Role reversal: John Turturro will direct Woody Allen in Fading Gigolo

While it may not be news that Woody Allen will be acting in a movie, it is not common that he is not directing himself. But, it looks like Woody Allen is making an exception for buddy John Turturro.

Turturro wrote the screenplay for FADING GIGOLO which will also mark his fourth time as director. The story revolves around a book store owner (Allen) with a money-making scheme who convinces his friend (Turturro) that a fortune can be made by becoming a professional gigolo.

Alongside Turturro and Allen, the film will also star Liev Schreiber, Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, and Vanessa Paradis. Filming is expected to get underway this October. No release date is set.

I love Woody Allen movies and the man only works for other filmmakers as an act of friendship. This sounds like the type of movie Woody would make himself so it should not stray far from his usual. I am definitely looking forward to this one.

Source: Deadline



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