Spielberg's first film

If you call yourself a movie fan at all, your no doubt familiar with the logo above. It's Amblin Entertainment, the production company started by Steven Spielberg that has produced many of the most successful movies of all time (including JURASSIC PARK, BACK TO THE FUTURE, GOONIES, MEN IN BLACK, the INDIANA JONES movies, TERMINATOR 2 and E.T.).

Well if you ever wondered where the hell Amblin came from, wonder no longer. The company is named after "Amblin'," a 1968 short film that was the first completed film shot by Spielberg. It only cost him $15,000 to make but after it was shown to Universal execs, they signed him to a deal that has proved quite lucrative.

We thought we'd share the entire short film - about a young man, a beautiful girl and their trip across a desert - with you today. It's a good 25 minutes long so make sure you've got time to soak it all in. You'll definitely see some vintage Spielberg in there if you pay attention.

Source: JoBlo.com



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