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The Deus Ex movie is still alive and Predators writer Michael Finch is game


It’s been a while since we last talked about the DEUS EX movie adaptation; personally I thought the project was stuck even after Scott Derrickson was attached to direct at one point. That’s likely not the case anymore as he’s a little busy these days helming Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE. It’s unknown if he’ll still be involved with the project but things are moving forward regardless.

The news today is that PREDATORS screenwriter Michael Finch will work on the screenplay, which is said to draw mainly from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game. DEUS EX revolves around an ex-SWAT security specialist who unravels a global conspiracy after undergoing mechanical augmentation. Finch is no stranger to videogame adaptations having penned the script for Agent 47 based on the Hitman games.

Did you play the game? Judging by the trailer below this may require a substantial budget if they want to stay true to the cinematic spectacle of the game. It looks gorgeous!

Source: THR



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