Tim Allen & hotties?

Tim Allen is set to star in the upcoming comedy THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY LEFAY, which will star him as a man with six hot wives. Such hotties as Paz Vega, Andie MacDowell and Kelli Garner will play his wives. Now I know normally Tim Allen movies aren't the foundation of believability but this is really pushing things. Also starring will be Elisha Cuthbert who will play Allen's daughter who is left to deal with all six women after her dad is presumed dead in a skydiving accident. One would presume that since Allen is the star of the movie that he's not actually dead (perhaps playing dead to snag another wife?). The film will reunite Allen with writer Howard Gould who worked together on the hit ABC sitcom "Home Improvement." Gould will make his feature directing debut with the film. Allen just recently finished filming REDBELT, a David Mamet martial arts movie, which is maybe the weirdest combo of actor, director and material ever. Filming on SIX WIVES is scheduled to begin next month in Connecticut.

Extra Tidbit: Kelli Garner should most definitely be a bigger star.
Source: Variety



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