Tobey's Spidey deal

Tobey Maguire has negotiated his deal to star in SPIDERMAN 4 & 5, scoring "family time" with his young daughter as part of his contract. He will be shooting the two movies back to back next year but insisted that he needs "early mornings" and "evenings off" to spend time with his now 22 month old daughter Ruby. The pay package will be $50 million for both films.

Well that's awesome. How many hours is Tobey going to be working each day then, to bank this ridiculous check? I can't wait to see the behind-the-scenes extras on these DVDs where Sam Raimi spends half a day setting up the shot and waiting for twilight to get the perfect ambience, and then when he shouts action, sees Maguire bent over shaking his head and tapping on his watch with his index finger saying 'uh, uh-uhh'. In fact, wait, so this whole movie is gonna be shot in the afternoon? What the hell? What if something in the script happens at night time? Do they have Storm from the X-Men on staff?
Extra Tidbit: In SPIDEY 3 Topher Grace's character is never once referred to as Venom.
Source: Times



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