Wear Roth's holiday

Eli Roth's faux trailer for the holiday slasher flick THANKSGIVING turned out to be a highlight of the GRINDHOUSE experience, but not exactly the first thing you might expect to generate merchandise.

And yet, real stuff based on the fake flick of Roth's demented feast are on the way! As the director himself announced on his Myspace page: "The first step towards turning a fake trailer into a real movie is to convince the unsuspecting public that it actually exists, and what better way to do that than with a Thanksgiving t-shirt and poster of the Dan Frisch turkey?"

The goods will be available at Hot Topic, so you can pick up a shirt with that killer tagline next time you're shopping for oversized shoes, ugly jewelry and Bettie Page paraphernalia. Or if you'd prefer not to be seen entering the store (for purposes other than scoping out the Goth counter cuties), you can grab them online.

Roth also assures us that another THANKSGIVING trailer (a second helping) will appear in the planned TRAILER TRASH flick, his feature-length collection of fake previews.
Extra Tidbit: Are there even any actual holidays left to turn into horror movies??



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