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Audiences loving their Avatar...

James Cameron's AVATAR continued to kick mighty ass at the box-office this past weekend, finishing atop all the other films, despite the release of 5 new movies over the past week. In fact, AVATAR only lost 2% of its audience from last weekend (it made $77M last week, $75M this week) and is now on pace to possibly surpass the $400M mark, if this trend continues (it's made $212M in its first 10 days of release).

Out of all the new releases, Guy Ritchie's updated SHERLOCK HOLMES managed to highest returns, as it opened in 2nd place with a very respectable $65M. The film actually set the record for biggest Christmas Day opening of all-time on Friday, as it scored close to $25M on that one day alone (the previous mark was $14.4M set by MARLEY AND ME just last year).

The sequel to ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS actually opened better than the original film back in 2007 (the original opened with $44M and ended up making an astonishing $217M!), scoring $50M in what actually turned out to be the biggest box-office weekend of all-time! (nice way to end off the year) The previous mark was set in July of 2008, during the weekend in which THE DARK KNIGHT was released, but this weekend, all the films managed $278M in returns, an all-time finish.

In the meantime, the film that everyone and their uncle Bob has been praising for weeks now, UP IN THE AIR, finally opened wide and managed to slip into the top 5 with close to $12M in grosses (which was about the same amount it had made so far in limited release). The other new release of the week, IT'S COMPLICATED, starring "your parents" Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, managed a decent showing in 4th place with about $22M. Seems like there was a little something for every age group this past weekend (and next weekend as well, as all the same films will continue to vie for the top spot). 

Despite dropping from 3rd to 6th place this weekend, THE BLIND SIDE actually gained 17% more moviegoers this weekend than last, and is now approaching the $200M mark (it's at $184M now -- the film only cost $29M to make). THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG might be the only film that one may describe as a "disappointment" this past weekend, as it dropped from 2nd to 7th place, but more importantly, lost the greatest amount of its audience from last weekend from all the films in the top 10, which was about 30%. The film has now made about $63M, which is decent, but apparently it cost about $105M to produce, so I'm not sure how that bodes for future Disney 2D animated features.

NINE could also be considered a "disappointment" (maybe even a flop?) as it opened in 8th place with only about $6M, despite costing about $90M to make. The films that dropped out of the top 10 this week include NEW MOON ($281M), A CHRISTMAS CAROL ($136M), BROTHERS ($25M) and OLD DOGS ($46M).

Next weekend sees no new releases, but no worries folks...we've got two polls to tide you over until then. First of all, what's your favorite movie to watch during the holidays (VOTE HERE for that one) and the big question of the week...what was your favorite movie of the year (VOTE HERE for that one)?

1. Avatar $ 75 Million $ 212.3 Million
2. Sherlock Holmes $ 65.4 Million
3. Alvin and the... $ 50.2 Million $ 77.1 Million
4. It's Complicated $ 22.1 Million
5. Up in the Air $ 11.8 Million $ 24.5 Million
6. The Blind Side $ 11.7 Million $ 184.4 Million
7. The Princess and... $ 8.7 Million $ 63.4 Million
8. Nine $ 5.5 Million
9. Did You Hear about... $ 5 Million $ 15.6 Million
10. Invictus $ 4.4 Million $ 23.4 Million




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