Willis, Penn say What

Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and Kristen Stewart have all signed on to star alongside Robert De Niro in the upcoming comedy WHAT JUST HAPPENED? The movie, to be directed by Barry Levinson, is based on the book of the same name by veteran Hollywood producer Art Linson. The logline goes something about a producer (De Niro) who''s trying to retain some dignity while being crushed by the Hollywood system and his second ex-wife. The book took place around the set of the 1997 movie THE EDGE starring Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins. One of the amusing anecdotes from the book details what happens when Baldwin shows up on set with a giant beard and 50 pounds overweight. One of the characters in the movie is based on the Baldwin character and I'm guessing that's who Willis will be playing. Filming on the project, which is also produced by De Niro, will start in late-March. Penn just wrapped his upcoming directorial project INTO THE WILD while Willis recently completed filming on LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.

Extra Tidbit: The film will be financed by Dallas Mavericks owner and overall billionaire Mark Cuban.
Source: Variety



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