World War Z delays

Back in January we posted some concept art from WORLD WAR: Z as Marc Forster was developing the film. There was a script by J. Michael Straczynski that everyone seemed to love and people were optimistic that filming would begin later this year. Nope. Live for Films translated an interview with director Forster from Swiss magazine Migros Magazin where he says WW:Z ain't going anywhere, anytime soon. Forster told the magazine the the film is "still far from realization" and that the screenplay "needs much development."

Now keep in mind that this translation was done with Google Translation, which is far from perfect. I checked out the article and they say the book was written by Mel Brooks co clearly their facts aren't all straight. But Forster does say he's working on another film first, which would seem to confirm that WW:Z has hit some roadbumps. Hopefully we'll get some official word on the production soon.

Extra Tidbit: In a previous article on the book, a reader threatened to never return to JoBlo.com because I said I "didn't connect" with the book.
Source: Live for Films



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