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Armie Hammer says a Man from U.N.C.L.E. sequel is being written

2015 was a big year for movies, with the likes of JURASSIC WORLD breaking records and THE FORCE AWAKENS breaking those broken records. Wedged in the middle there was the period spy caper THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer . You may have forgotten about the film, but it still has its fans, so many in fact that Hammer keeps getting asked about a sequel, to the...
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Ex Machina's Sonoya Mizuno to star in Jon M. Chu's Crazy Rich Asians

It's official! EX MACHINA and LA LA LAND's Japan-born ballerina-turned-actress Sonoya Mizuno is joining the cast of Warner Bros.' CRAZY RICH ASIANS. Directing the adaptation of Kevin Kwan's New York Times best-selling-novel of the same name will be Jon M. Chu, whose all-Asian cast features Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh , and Gemma Chan ....
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Armie Hammer joins Alicia Vikander in Ben Wheatley's Freakshift

For an overly handsome guy born to a wealthy family with a lot of Hollywood connections, I'm oddly kind of rooting for Armie Hammer . I don't know why, but it seems like he's always trying, and I think he's actually a fun presence in a lot of his roles. Yes, even LONE RANGER. I've been told he's great in Ben Wheatley 's latest film FREE FIRE, which probably explains why he's been...
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Jason Bourne director Paul Greengrass sets his sights on Eliot Ness film

In so many words, states that, the lawman Eliot Ness (1903 - 1957) was famous for being the founder and leader of the notorious team known to many as The Untouchables. Coming into law enforcement during Prohibition, and seen as a rising star in his field of expertise, Ness was given the task of upholding the laws as well as finding a way to shut down the...
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Alicia Vikander may be hunting monsters for Ben Wheatley in Freakshift

Once Alicia Vikander finishes raiding tombs for Roar Uthaug (THE WAVE), it seems that she may stay underground to hunt monsters for Ben Wheatley (HIGH RISE). Deadline reports that Vikander is in talks to star in Wheatley's latest, a " cops vs. monsters " action-thriller by the name of FREAKSHIFT. The project was first announced almost five years ago and takes...
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Matt Damon on Bourne's future: "Maybe people are done with the character"

Last year saw the return of Matt Damon ’s Jason Bourne in the aptly titled JASON BOURNE. Fans were eager to see the actor return to the role, especially after that first footage of the pepper-haired spy knocking some chap’s lights out with a swift elbow to the face. But that moment was a lone bright spot in a film that was otherwise met with a collective,...
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Alicia Vikander looks amazing in the first Tomb Raider set pics

Lara Croft sets out on her first expedition to finish her father's archaeological research and uncover ancient secrets in order to clear his disgraced name. As you can imagine, any and everything will go wrong and Lara will be up to her beautiful neck in danger. Production has already started on director Roar Uthaug 's adaptation of the popular video game, and we now have the...
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Dominic West to play Lara Croft's father in Tomb Raider

Production on Roar Uthaug 's (THE WAVE) TOMB RAIDER began earlier this week, and in turn, we have another cast announcement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dominic West has joined the cast as Lara Croft's ( Alicia Vikander ) father. His role, however small or large, should have some major repercussions in the story, as the film is said to follow Lara Croft as she sets out on...
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Production on the new Tomb Raider film has officially begun!

Films based on video games sure do have a reputation for being awful, don’t they? With the exception of the Resident Evil franchise making a fair amount of bank for itself over the years, I can scarcely recall another game-to-film adaptation that was worth getting genuinely excited about. Last year, it felt like there was a chance that ASSASSIN’S CREED would break the...
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Daniel Wu to join forces with Alicia Vikander for Tomb Raider reboot

Based on my luke-warm feelings towards the previous two TOMB RAIDER films, I never would have suspected that I'd be eagerly awaiting its upcoming reboot, but the cast of the Roar Uthaug directed flick is shaping up to be something very special. Production on TOMB RAIDER will kick off later this month in South Africa, and Variety reports that Daniel Wu will be joining Alicia...
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Walton Goggins says that his Tomb Raider villain won't be what you expect

Even with Alicia Vikander headlining the upcoming TOMB RAIDER reboot, my interest in the project really only took off last week when it was announced that Walton Goggins had joined the cast as the villain. After delivering standout performances on The Shield, THE HATEFUL EIGHT, Justified and many others, I can't wait to see Goggins do his thing in what will hopefully be a...
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Walton Goggins to play the villain opposite Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider

Every good Tomb Raider needs a villain and the upcoming big-screen reboot of the long-running video game franchise just snagged itself a fantastic one. Variety has reported that Walton Goggins (THE HATEFUL EIGHT) is currently in final negotiations to play the villain in Roar Uthaug 's TOMB RAIDER opposite Alicia Vikander . Walton Goggins is one of those actors whose...
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