Dwayne Johnson’s alleged tardiness also reportedly caused a rift with Red Notice co-star Ryan Reynolds

The recent claim of Johnson’s behavior does not seem to be attached to just one production. Ryan Reynolds was also allegedly infuriated with his tardiness on Red Notice.

Last Updated on May 3, 2024

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It was recently revealed in a bombshell report that Dwayne Johnson has been allegedly showcasing unprofessional behavior by being excessively late to film productions. The article from The Wrap has made claims that Johnson would show up as late as eight hours while filming his most recent project, the Christmas-themed Red One. This tardiness issue reportedly contributed to the budget as it spiraled to over $250 million. According to the insiders quoted in the report, this cost the production at least $50 million. “It was a f***ing disaster,” the insider said. “Dwayne truly doesn’t give a f***.” However, other sources say that Johnson was never more than an hour late to set and a spokesperson for Amazon MGM flat-out denied any issues.

This production was not an isolated incident, it seems. According to the report from The Wrap, Johnson exhibited more of this behavior on the Netflix action comedy, Red Notice. In the fall of 2020, when the film was in principal photography, his co-star, Ryan Reynolds, had gotten incredibly infuriated with him after he had waited five hours for Johnson to show up. Insiders say when Johnson finally reached the set long after calltime, the two had a “huge fight,” and Johnson stormed off the set. The co-stars wouldn’t speak to each other for years until they recently buried the hatchet. However, a sequel was greenlit by Netflix and no movement on it has yet been made. Netflix responded with a rep stating, “Dwayne is the consummate professional and we’re thrilled to have worked with him on Red Notice, our #1 film.”

Other crew members on the film claimed that while the production set strict protocols for COVID, Johnson would break the quarantine rules and fly home in a private jet. An insider says, “He was frequently flying home and breaking the extremely strict rules of the bubble.” Johnson, who consistently updates fans on his social media, made a post on Instagram about his intense 14-hour workday, which he then deleted. However, the IATSE Stories Instagram account reposted it, calling him out with a crew member commenting, “He got to host family and friends for a BBQ, and wound up getting COVID anyway. Most selfish thing I’ve ever seen an actor do.” Although, another source close to the production would defend the Black Adam star, saying, “Nothing he did was in violation of COVID protocols.”

Source: The Wrap

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