Deadpool & Wolverine’s humorous “Secret Wars”-themed PSA may be coming to theaters

The frenemy duo of Shawn Levy’s “two-hander character adventure” is about to unleash meta jokes with full force in the marketing for the film.

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

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With Deadpool & Wolverine being the only film from Marvel Studios getting a release this year and Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking meta-humor nature, it stands to reason that the company has a ton of fun with the marketing. Even before being part of the MCU, the first Deadpool film got to play around with concepts as 20th Century Fox released the R-rated movie on Valentine’s Day in 2016. Billboards of Ryan Reynolds and his romantic lead, Morena Baccarin, were showcased in a very rom-com-driven image that made it look as far from a vulgar, violent superhero comedy as it could be.

It was said that the Deadpool & Wolverine footage previewed at this year’s CinemaCon was preceded by a PSA that also featured both characters. The Hollywood Reporter is now revealing that the PSA may now be coming to a theater near you. In the spot, Reynolds’ Wade Wilson is attempting to tell Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine his theories on “Secret Wars,” which is no doubt a reference to the upcoming Avengers film, Avengers: Secret Wars. Unfortunately for Wade, whenever he tries to give his theories, he gets interrupted by a ringing cell phone. According to THR, “Eventually, Wolverine had enough — and addressed the camera directly, flinging (bleeped) F-bombs at the audience and making a rather crude reference to how this was a movie theater, not “your grandma’s nursing home.” Wolverine only stopped after Deadpool calmed him down.” A source tells THR that the PSA is intended to play in theaters, but there is currently no official confirmation from Marvel.

Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Karan Soni as Dopinder, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Shioli Kutsuna as Yukio, Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus, and Rob Delaney as PeterDeadpool & Wolverine will also star Emma Corrin, who is expected to play the villain, and Matthew Macfadyen as a TVA agent. Of course, the biggest addition to the Deadpool 3 cast is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who finally broke down after being pestered by Ryan Reynolds for so many years. The film is also expected to feature cameos from characters throughout the history of 20th Century Fox’s Marvel movies, with a few already being revealed in the trailer, including Aaron Stanford as Pyro.

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26th, making it the only MCU movie to be released this year.

Source: THR

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