Deadpool 3: Emma Corrin of The Crown lands big role in the anticipated sequel

Marvel had been looking to cast the star of The Crown for some time and was finally able to secure the Emmy-nominated actor for the film.

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While fans wait for the most anticipated anti-buddy superhero action comedy with Deadpool 3, our whistles are whetted with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman constantly teasing each other online in a preview of their dynamic. In addition, Jackman has posted that he’s currently getting back into Wolverine shape in preparation for the film. Now, Deadline is reporting that a principal role has just been cast with The Crown‘s Emma Corrin joining the Marvel film for a big role.

There are currently very few details known about the role in the upcoming fourth wall-breaking sequel. All that can be said right now is Corrin will be playing a villain in the film. Shawn Levy will be making his entrance into the franchise with this entry as the director. The screenplay will be written once again by series writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who will be working from a previous draft by Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin. Also, this being the first Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation of Deadpool, Kevin Feige will be joining in as producer along with Reynolds and Levy.

Plot details for this film are not yet known, and in true Marvel fashion, will be kept secret. Not only will this be the first time the rated R property will be working within the official Marvel Studios brand, but this marks a special finale performance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine ever since he donned the claws 23 years ago. Previously, his swan song was appropriately featured in the movie, Logan, which took place in an unspecified future where Wolverine had grown old and ultimately been laid to rest.

It is reported that Corrin has been on Marvel’s radar for some time, and the studio wanted to make sure the actors’ schedule would allow for shooting the third film in this trilogy before securing The Crown star for this part. This past week, they finally came to a proper arrangement and now, the MCU welcomes Corrin into the universe. Corrin is an Emmy-nominated actor regarded for the portrayal of Lady Diana Spencer in Season 4 of the Netflix award-winning hit series The Crown.

Source: Deadline

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