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John Fallon's The Shelter is now available on VOD and in select theaters!

THE SHELTER is a contained horror film written, directed, and produced by Arrow in the Head's very own John Fallon and is co-produced by Fallon's horror knowledge seems to have some in handy, as there are some nice, creepy shots in the trailer for the film and the story definitely has some potential, so I'll definitely be checking this out when it...
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JoBlo-produced The Shelter receives positive response at London's Frightfest

From August 27 to September 1st, John Fallon (aka the Arrow) and I had the pleasure of flying overseas (yes, we took the red-eye) to London, England to take part in my first film festival as a member of a film opposed to the media, that being London's FRIGHTFEST ! Over my 18 years at the site, I'd been to many film festivals but always as press, not the...
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Join us in London this Friday for premiere of produced The Shelter

Around 20 years ago, I met a dude named John Fallon and we became friends for life! We both loved talking movies and hoped that we could one day make our own. In the year 2000, John became "The Arrow" and basically ran the horror section (aka Arrow in the Head ) of the JoBlo Movie Network for the next 15 years, while hustling to make movies on the side. He did pretty well for...
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JoBlo financed film The Shelter at Cannes Saturday + Michael Pare featurette

We're all pretty stoked in the JoBlo offices as our first official full-length film production, entitled THE SHELTER (written and directed by our very own John Fallon aka the Arrow from Arrow in the Head ) is at the Cannes Film Festival as we speak, ready for its official buyer's screening tomorrow afternoon, Saturday May 16th at 4pm at the GRAY 3 Theatre . Now that the film is "in...
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JoBlo Productions presents final trailer for The Shelter (+Cannes screening)

Our first official full-length film production, entitled THE SHELTER, written and directed by our very own John Fallon (aka the Arrow from Arrow in the Head ) is in its final leg of the post-production race this coming week (thanks to Holbrook Multi Media  for their fine work), as the film's "final cut" is now officially in the bag, and today we have the pleasure...
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Read JoBlo's own unproduced comedy screenplay entitled "Skool!"

For the 17th anniversary of this site's inception (March 1998), I thought it might be fun to share 1 out of the 4 screenplays I wrote after finishing my MBA back in 1996, as I was looking for a job, a life and a future for myself (btw, if you want to read a more comprehensive "look back" at the site's inception and all, CLICK HERE for that article from last year...
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John Fallon's The Shelter (co-financed by Cannes screening in May

In early 2014, my best friend John Fallon (aka the Arrow, the man behind our horror section Arrow in the Head) completed a lifelong dream of directing his own full-length feature film entitled THE SHELTER in Louisiana starring veteran actor Michael Pare. Over the past few months, he has completed the editing on the film with Holbrook Multi Media from Louisiana, created a poster for...
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First teaser trailer for John Fallon's The Shelter! (co-financed by JoBlo)

After having 6 of his screenplays turned into feature motion pictures , our very own John Fallon (aka the Arrow !) finally got the opportunity to direct one of his own screenplays into a full-length feature film (his best, in my humble opinion) earlier in the year in Lafayette, Louisiana. The film is a psychological thriller entitled THE SHELTER and it stars one of our favorite...
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Latest updates on our film Billy Trigger as well as our experience working with Black Caesar himself, Fred Williamson!

For those not following our first full plunge into film production called BILLY TRIGGER, here's the latest update on things. We are now 2 weeks into shooting, with 1 week left before the end of the shoot. Our wrap party will take place on Saturday, November 24th. Everything has been going well so far, although it has to be said that everyone is working their asses off...
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The film, Billy Trigger, begins production today!

As per our announcement a few weeks ago , the first film to be fully financed by has begun production today, Monday November 14th in Montreal, Canada. We've spent the past few weeks rounding up the cast (see below) and locking locations (Irish pub, strip joints, Chinatown, junkyard....) and are prepared to shoot for the next two weeks or so, after which...
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I consider myself a very lucky person because I get to wake up every morning and work all day long in the industry that I love: movies ! Granted, it's a website about movies but still! Back when I founded in 1998 as a hobby, I never expected it to lead anywhere, but 14 years's my career and I'm happy with that....
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JoBlo himself joins The Expendables 2 and check out the app that allows you to create your own mini-action movie

As if the cast wasn't already jam-packed as is, JoBlo himself (aka Berge Garabedian) has joined THE EXPENDABLES 2 and now you can check out his exclusive character poster below! Okay, so JoBlo may not actually be in the film (unless he pulls one of the most badass cameos since Bill Murray in ZOMBIELAND), but Lionsgate films has created this sweet poster of THE MAN himself...
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