Episode one of the action, splatter, comedy Conrad the Bavarian now online!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

"Revenge is a dish best served with beer." – Old Bavarian Proverb

The first episode of our action, splatter, horror, comedy webseries CONRAD THE BAVARIAN has just nade dropped online and you can take a gander at it (ideally with a cold one in hand) by clicking the video above! The premiere episode is titled "A Man Named Conrad" and outside of introducing you to our beloved beer-abusing and shot gun wielding heroic basterd it tells the heart warming and tissue grabbing fable of:

Heinrich (Robin Huck), the grandson of Adolf Hitler wants to revive his "Opa" with the power of five artifacts, shattered around a village in South Germany. But bad for the bad boys, the first house they want to take over is the house of Conrad (Nicolas Huck), called Conrad the Bavarian. And this son of a witch does the talking with an axe… especially when Nazis are around!

So there ya have it, click and enjoy! It was made with love. CONRAD THE BAVARIAN The Series is created by German  filmmakers The Huck Brothers aka Nicolas Huck and Robin Huck, who also star! There will be 8 Episodes in all, check the schedule below to keep tabs on their impending releases! And of course you can follow the show on FACEBOOK RIGHT F-ING HERE!  We had a blast working on these and we hope you have a blast watching them!

Series Synopsis: “Madman Heinrich (Robin Huck), the leader of the terror group “Heil Five” is studying the occult to revive his grandfather Adolph Hitler using the "Book of the Dead" and his grandpapa’s mustache. Alas, the first of the 5 required artifacts for said ritual are hidden below the property of pint abusing Conrad aka “The Bavarian” (Nicolas Huck) in the small town of Sasbach. And this bearded son-of-a-gun knows how to handle the scumbags of the world all too well – the old fashioned way: lock, slash and load! Revenge is a dish best served with BEER!”

Source: Arrow in the Head

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