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Watch Lindsay Lohan and James Deen square off in this first clip from Paul Shrader's The Canyons

Last week an expose on the making of Paul Shrader's THE CANYONS was featured in the New York Times and presented a compelling look into the production of the film, from Lindsay Lohan 's firing and rehiring, breakdowns, nude scenes, location issues, and general craziness that transpired during the three-week shoot.  In many ways, the piece has generated more curiosity about the...
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Lindsay Lohan may have killed director Paul Schrader's career with her behavior shooting The Canyons

At this point in her "career", I am unsure why we even pay attention to Lindsay Lohan . She is the epitome of the Hollywood horror story going from child star to superstar to fading star in just about a decade. I do not wish death on anyone, but Lohan is clearly heading for Corey Haim territory. Her latest project, THE CANYONS, was looking like a can't miss project with iconic...
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Parody trailer for Paul Schrader's The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan seems to be in on the joke

Ah, THE CANYONS.  Such a strange beast this film has become.  You start with two acclaimed craftsman, writer/director Paul Schrader (RAGING BULL, AFFLICTION) and author Bret Easton Ellis (AMERICAN PSYCHO, THE RULES OF ATTRACTION) and throw in a flailing actress ( Lindsay Lohan ) and a porn star actor ( James Deen ) in a contemporary drama described only as "Youth, glamor, sex...
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This retro trailer for The Canyons gives us little hope for a quality movie

When the previous teaser for THE CANYONS was released in October, we were confused by how utterly bad it looked. This new teaser gives us a look at some more footage, this time cut in the style of a 1950s movie. The result is beyond bad. This is embarrassing for all parties involved. The catchphrase "It's not The Hills" means they were going for some sort of spoof of the MTV...
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