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Exclusive Cool Video: Tom Hardy - An Actor's Timeline

Who would have thought the dude who played Captain Picard's evil clone in STAR TREK: NEMESIS would turn out to be one of the best actors working today? I certainly didn't, but Tom Hardy is undoubtedly a talented thespian, and for our new video series An Actor's Timeline, we decided to take a look at his evolution as an actor, going all the way back to his television debut...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: The Affair, Insurgent, Orphan Black

This Week: Fooling around with The Affair, the clones keep coming in Orphan Black, and another dip into the Divergent series. ► Despite a rocky start, Showtime’s THE AFFAIR ended up being one of last year’s best new shows. The dodgy concept of showing two different versions of the same events every...
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What's New in Blu-ray and DVD releases this month? (August 2015)

This month on Blu-ray and DVD, the DIVERGENT series continues with INSURGENT , Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara go on a HOT PURSUIT , Marion Cotillard gives an Oscar-nominated turn in TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT , Edward Snowden is the focus of doc CITIZENFOUR , James Franco and Jonah Hill tell a TRUE STORY , Tom Hardy searches for CHILD 44 , Walt Disney’s SHORT FILMS...
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Review: Child 44

PLOT: A loyal member of the military police, under Stalin’s rule, finds himself at odds with his own beliefs after a cover-up of a child’s brutal slaying. Soon, he and his wife are desperate to solve the killing, even at the risk of their very own survival. REVIEW: There is a great film somewhere in the new thriller CHILD 44. In fact, there are a number of possible...
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Top 10 International Serial Killer Movies

Serial killers have long been considered an anomaly of Western civilization. For decades, countries aside from the United States refused to acknowledge the existence of these types of murderers in their homelands, but recent decades have shown a large number of films fixated on the subject. While the genre has been alive and well domestically, here is a list of the ten best international serial...
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Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace hunt a killer in the first trailer for Child 44

Who doesn't love a good serial killer movie? With the genre sometimes difficult to shake up, filmmakers need to change settings and time periods to give their film some added edge. With Cold War era Soviet Union as the backdrop, director Daniel Espinosa has the perfect location to unleash a new cinematic monster. Based on the novel of the same name, CHILD 44 stars Tom Hardy doing...
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2015 Lionsgate Preview!

Lionsgate had a decent year for 2014, despite dropping two spots to seventh place in the studio spread for the year, taking 7.1% of the market share with $736.9 Million in ticket sales. This year sees a smaller slate from the growing studio, which will continue it's next YA franchise series to the sequel test with THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT, while closing out its cash cow, THE HUNGER...
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Daniel Espinosa to direct the Leonardo DiCaprio produced Blood on Snow

Daniel Espinosa has signed on to direct the adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s novel BLOOD ON SNOW . The film will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio under his Appian Way banner, and may possibly serve as his next headlining role. The novel has yet to be released. Nesbo is penning a trilogy under the name Tom Johansen. The series will begin with BLOOD ON SNOW, then is said to...
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2014 Summit Preview!

Summit Entertainment had a pretty decent year in 2013, although now that the "Twilight" years are over it's a bit of a struggle to regain that box office glory. Last year saw some solid surprises, including WARM BODIES, SNITCH, and NOW YOU SEE ME, with some mediocre ones like RED 2, ESCAPE PLAN, and ENDER'S GAME. 2014's roster is a smaller line-up with the studio taking another stab at the teen...
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First look at Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, and Noomi Rapace in Child 44

The Soviet set thriller CHILD 44 has been in production for a while now and some set photos have been seen but now we have our first official look at Tom Hardy , Gary Oldman , and Noomi Rapace in the serial killer drama. CHILD 44 was set at one point to be helmed by Ridley Scott but is finally being realized by SAFE HOUSE director Daniel Espinoza with a great cast that also includes...
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