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Konami announces a live-action Contra movie and TV series

Back in my day , Konami released a difficult-AF-video game called Contra . For me, it was the talk of all the lunch tables in my elementary school cafeteria. While munching on pizza slices that would make Ellio's taste like a direct-from-Ray's Original-slice, the boys and girls of my class would shout their Contra exploits with glee, eager to know how long their...
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New trailer unveiled for Hideo Kojima's weird ass game Death Stranding

I wrote a draft of this article that was all "oh my God, what the f*ck is this?" and "looks like what  David Lynch  would direct after binging-watching anime high on bath salts and depression". But I won't. I think the images in the trailer are beautiful and thought-provoking, and a marvel to look at. And while I can't suss out what they mean,...
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Metal Gear Solid adaptation announced with Avi Arad producing

Fans of the METAL GEAR SOLID videogame series may have cause to rejoice as it was announced at the Metal Gear Anniversary event in Tokyo that a feature film was in the works with uber-producer Avi Arad for Columbia Pictures.  "For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters," said Arad, appearing onstage with Kojima. "Comic books are now biggest genre in cinema," he...
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