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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay to produce live action/animated Manimal movie

Almost two years ago we learned that Sony Pictures Animation was developing a feature film based on the short-lived cult TV series MANIMAL. Now, producers and writers have been found for the project in the form of Gary Sanchez Productions. That's right, ANCHORMAN director Adam McKay and Will Ferrell will be producing MANIMAL alongside producer Jimmy Miller and series creator...
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Are you ready for Manimal: The Movie?

Well, I didn't see this coming. The latest television series to get the big screen treatment will be...MANIMAL? MANIMAL was an NBC series from the 80s that was cancelled after only eight episodes. The show followed Dr Jonathan Chase, a shape-shifter who could turn himself into any animal he chose, and used this ability to help fight crime. Only two people were aware of Jonathan's...
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