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Kong: Skull Island director pitched Warner Bros a Superman: Red Son movie

In the many decades since Superman was first unleashed upon the world, there have been countless fantastic stories centered around the Man of Steel, one of which is definitely Mark Millar 's "Superman: Red Son." The Elseworlds tale reimagines Superman's origin story with a simple yet profound twist; instead of Superman's rocket ship landing in Kansas where he was...
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Mark Millar is relaunching Kick-Ass with some diversity

Mark Millar is relaunching his popular KICK-ASS franchise and is bringing racial and gender diversity along with him as he completely changes the title character to represent those who are under-represented in comics. Rather than stick another white dude under the mask, as he initially did with nerdy Dave Lizewski holding the Kick-Ass superhero role, Millar will be introducing a...
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Mark Millar is already working to bring Empress to the big screen

The times certainly are a-changin'. It used to be that a property had to able to show years and years of success and a fan base that validates its popularity before Hollywood would try to adapt it into a feature film. That no longer appears to be the case. Now, Hollywood is apparently so desperate for intellectual properties that all it takes is one sold-out comic issue and you...
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Mark Millar says an Old Man Logan movie can work without MCU characters

While attending the San Diego Comic-Con, Hugh Jackman teased that WOLVERINE 3 will be based on Mark Millar 's Old Man Logan run, but Fox obviously won't be able to do a completely faithful adaptation of the storyline since the studio doesn't own the rights to many of the Marvel characters who appear in the comic, like Red Skull, Hawkeye and the Hulk. Millar is a...
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Film adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis finds a new home at Warner Bros.

A movie based on the Mark Millar and Steve McNiven limited comic book series Nemesis has been in the works at Fox since 2010, but The Tracking Board is reporting that the project has moved to Warner Bros. According to the site, Ridley Scott 's production banner Scott Free has also made the jump, as well as Joe Carnahan , who is attached to direct from a script he co-wrote with...
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Universal picks up rights to Mark Millar comic Chrononauts

The first issue of Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy's Chrononauts was published this week, and now Deadline is reporting that Universal has acquired the movie rights to the new comic book series. But earlier this year Millar said Chrononauts will be getting a big screen treatment, so the Universal deal was probably in the works for awhile. A director and...
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Mark Millar talks Kingsman sequel, Nemesis movie and more

Matthew Vaughn 's big screen version of the Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons comic book  The Secret Service opens this week, and during a conversation with Red Carpet News TV , Millar and Gibbons talked about the possibility of a KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel. Mark Millar : I'm a great believer of if people like it, do more, and if people don't respond,...
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The Raid director Gareth Evans was interested in making a Hit-Girl movie

While chatting it up with IGN , creator Mark Millar again said a third KICK-ASS probably isn't going to happen , since KICK-ASS 2 didn't make as much money as the first film. However, the bigger news is there were talks of a solo Hit-Girl movie, and THE RAID director Gareth Evans had a couple of conversations with Millar about helming the film. Before Kick-Ass 2 came...
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Star Wars spinoff writer Gary Whitta to adapt Mark Millar's Starlight

It was December of last year when we last heard about the latest Mark Millar adaptation STARLIGHT , even though the first issue hit shelves in March of this year. Now it seems the project is in motion again as Gary Whitta ( BOOK OF ELI ), who is penning one of the STAR WARS standalone movies, is set to write script. Simon Kinberg ( X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST ) has been...
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Chloe Grace Moretz feels she's done playing Hit-Girl

Earlier this month, Kick-Ass creators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. were frank about the money KICK-ASS 2 did (or rather didn't) make, but the idea of a KICK-ASS 3 wasn't completely out of the question for them. While KICK-ASS 2 barely made it's budget back domestically, it's Blu-ray/DVD sales were stronger, bringing in about $100 million (with TV). Hit-Girl herself, Chloe Moretz...
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Comic creators speak up about Kick-Ass 3 and against Jim Carrey

There's a thin line between dark humor and poor taste when it comes to the KICK-ASS films, and I think the direction of Matthew Vaughn allowed the first to fall into one category and the lack thereof left the sequel far into the second. KICK-ASS 2 didn't garner the ratings or money of the first but it was still somewhat profitable. The creators of the comic, Mark Millar and John...
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Fox to adapt Mark Millar's Superior comic with Matthew Vaughn producing

Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has a bunch of projects set up at Fox, and now you can add another one to the list. THR is reporting the studio will develop Mark Millar 's Superior comic for the big screen, with Matthew Vaughn producing. Vaughn purchased the rights to the comic back in 2011 . Mark Millar 's comic follows a boy with multiple sclerosis, who transforms into...
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