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New trailer for A Very Murray Christmas offers up all your holiday favorites

The early word on A VERY MURRAY CHRISTMAS has been pretty solid , but with people only now really getting into the holiday spirit with Thanksgiving in the rear view, Netflix has to turn up their game a little stronger in order to attract attention to this project even existing. Then again, it shouldn't be that difficult. It's Bill Murray , who people want to see do his Bill...
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Review: A Very Murray Christmas

PLOT: Itís Christmas time in New York, but Bill Murray ís not happy. Not only has he foolishly agreed to host a live Christmas special, but a blizzard has led to him being abandoned by all his celebrity pals, including George Clooney . With only the always loyal Paul Shaffer to accompany him on piano, Murray does his best to bring some drunken X-Mas cheer to all of us....
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Review: Rock The Kasbah

  PLOT: A washed-up rock promoter ( Bill Murray ) tries to cash-in on the war in the middle-east by booking a singer he manages ( Zooey Deschanel ) on a dangerous tour through Afghanistan. When she bails on him – stealing his passport and cash in the process – he finds himself stranded but his desperate scenario proves to be a source of inspiration when an arms deal...
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Bill Murray rocks another trailer for Rock The Kasbah

Every once in awhile, all a movie really needs to do is cut Bill Murray loose and let him do his thing. Granted, we've gotten quite a bit of that lately, but come on... Is anyone really complaining? Barry Levinson seems to have done something similar for his latest film ROCK THE KASBAH, in which Murray tries to get back to being a legitimate music manager when he finds an...
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Comic Con 2015: Rock the Kasbah panel with Bill Murray

No one really knew what Open Road Films was bringing to the first big Hall H panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Would it be MAX STEEL? The new FIFTY SHADES movie? (Not likely, but still.) SNOWDEN? No, it was nicer surprise: Bill Murray . The legendary comedian brought his irreverent personality to Hall H to help promote ROCK THE KASBAH, Barry Levinson 's new comedy about a rock...
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Bill Murray is at his finest in the first trailer for Rock the Kasbah

Not that I don't love Bill Murray 's bit parts in, say, Wes Anderson films, but if you're like me and look forward to his leading-man roles, ROCK THE KASBAH looks like it's going to deliver some classic Murray. The story follows that of Richie Lanz (Murray), a rock manager who takes his last remaining client on a USO tour of Afghanistan. Through a serious of unfortunate events,...
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Bill Murray Rocks the Kasbah in the first poster for the comedy drama

Pretty much every movie Bill Murray stars in is a must see for me. I mean, I am even willing to watch Cameron Crowe 's critically annihilated ALOHA simply because Murray puts in a supporting role. But, when it comes to lead performances, Murray always does something special. Last year, it was ST VINCENT. This year, it could be ROCK THE KASBAH. Written by Murray's friend...
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Bruce Willis, Danny McBride, and Shia LaBeouf join Rock the Kasbah

Get Bill Murray involved with a movie, and everyone in Hollywood wants in! Bruce Willis , Kate Hudson , Danny McBride , Shia LaBeouf , and Zooey Deschanel will all be joining Murray in ROCK THE KASBAH. Barry Levinson directs the film with a script written by Mitch Glazer . The last flick Glazer wrote was PASSION PLAY so Iím hoping heís had some time to think about that...
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Bill Murray set to star as a music manager in Rock The Kasbah

What's the last good movie you saw Bill Murray in? Be honest. We all like Bill Murray that's understood but did you see either HYDE PARK ON HUDSON or A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE MIND OF CHARLIE SWAN III? Can't say the guy doesn't pick interesting projects. Remember PASSION PLAY? I know, you can't forget. We'll get to see him next in THE MONUMENTS OF MEN alongside George Clooney and...
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