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First Jigsaw image released as directors tease that it will be "more fun"

There are more than a few horror franchises out there who have attempted to sell audiences on "The Final Chapter," a sequel seemingly set up to bring the franchise to a close, however, more often than not, that final chapter is anything but. For a while it seemed as though the SAW franchise really did come to an end with SAW 3D, aka SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER, but seven years...
7 days ago
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Review: Predestination

PLOT : A time-traveling Temporal Agent searches over several decades for the notorious “Fizzle Bomber.” On his final assignment, he finds himself desperate to capture the one criminal that has managed to elude him during his service. REVIEW : Every so often a movie comes out that is so utterly compelling and original, that it is nearly impossible to describe. PREDESTINATION is a...
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Predestination trailer with Ethan Hawke as a time traveling temporal agent

The time traveling sci-fi thriller PREDESTINATION re-teams DAYBREAKERS filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig with Ethan Hawke in what looks to be a very solid movie. I was not expecting to enjoy this trailer this much and have since placed it on my must-see list for the year. It has touches of LOOPER , MINORITY REPORT and even INCEPTION if I’m reaching; it also has its...
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The Spierig Brothers and Ethan Hawke re-team Predestination adds Sarah Snook to its cast

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy DAYBREAKERS. There are some slight changes to the vampire mythology that might irk some people (my friends and I argue about the "vampire cure" whenever the film is brought up) but overall I had a blast with The Spierig Brothers take on the creatures of the night. At least there wasn't any f*cking sparkling. Deadline is reporting that...
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