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Louis C.K. and Albert Brooks to co-write and voice animated pilot for FX

So this is pretty damn exciting: Deadline is reporting that Louis C.K . has joined forces with Albert Brooks to co-create, co-write and executive produce an animated comedy for FX. The duo will also provide the lead voices in the untitled project, which has received a pilot order from the network, but unfortunately there aren't any other details on their small screen...
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Comic Con 2015 TV Pilot Review: Supergirl

REVIEW: With the success of Smallville, Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham to stand on (with much more to come at that), it’s not all that surprising to see DC attempt to bring yet another superhero to the small screen, although this time from someone of the opposite sex leading the charge. Not that female-led shows haven’t been able to dominate TV before (Buffy, anyone?), but...
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TV Review: The Flash pilot episode

This review originally ran as part of our SDCC 2014 coverage PLOT: Years after his mother's mysterious murder, Barry Allen is working as a forensic scientist for the Central City police and trying to live a normal life. But when a particle accelerator malfunctions (don't you hate it when that happens?), Barry is struck by a bolt of weird lightning and granted the ability to...
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Spoon! Patrick Warburton to return as The Tick for Amazon pilot

At the end of last week, a report surfaced online about the live-action The Tick series returning on Amazon, with Patrick Warburton reprising his role from the short-lived FOX show. Many considered it to be just a rumor because of the source ( People ), but apparently there are plans for a reboot of The Tick starring Warburton. According to The Wrap , Patrick Warburton has...
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Failed living dead series Babylon Fields may get a second life at NBC

The living dead are all the rage these days on television with THE WALKING DEAD premiering to record ratings and The CW preparing their own series called THE RETURNED. NBC wants in on the action and are re-developing the series BABYLON FIELDS. I say re-developing because BABYLON FIELDS was already a highly touted pilot from six years ago that never made it onto the CBS schedule....
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Lizzy Caplan gets naked in the free streaming pilot for Showtime's Masters of Sex

Showtime's new series MASTERS OF SEX is getting quite a bit of pre-release acclaim in advance of the series premiere next week, but that isn't stopping the network from trying to build buzz around the adult-oriented drama. Starring Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen , MASTERS OF SEX follows the scientific exploits of Masters and Johnson who engineered the controversial study of human...
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Bill Murray brushes his teeth while swearing profusely in this clip from Amazon's pilot for Alpha House

Amazon.com just released all 14 pilots for their potential series and are allowing the public to choose which go to series. The biggest profile one so far has been ZOMBIELAND as it has the cred built up from the big screen version starring Woody Harrelson , Jesse Eisenberg , and Emma Stone . But, there is another pilot starring John Goodman that deserves some buzz. ALPHA HOUSE...
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TV Trailers: First looks at Stephen King's Under the Dome and Simon West's The Saint

It is a really great time for quality television series. While there is still a ton of crap on the tube, many networks are embracing quality over quantity. In the mold of premium cable series, a lot of series are coming with limited runs of 10 to 13 episodes. Sure, it means less episodes each year, but they are so much better made. With intriguing series like HANNIBAL yet to premiere,...
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FX gets Ang Lee to direct the pilot for their series Tyrant

Despite what some people think about his films , Ang Lee has proven himself to be one hell of a director. Even HULK, despite many flaws, is a unique experiment in film-making. After winning his second Oscar for directing, Lee is doing something he has never done before: direct a pilot for a television series. Deadline reports that Lee will direct the pilot episode for the...
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