The Last Police TV series pilot ordered at Fox

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The Last Police, The Last Policeman, Ben H. Winters, Kyle Killens, Fox

Fox is backing the blue by giving the green light to an adaptation of Ben H. Winters' sci-fi mystery novel The Last Policeman. The project has received a pilot order, a first in Fox's 2021/22 development season. Presented as an hour-long project under the title The Last Police, the adaptation will be written, directed, and executive produced by Lone Star and Awake creator Kyle Killen.

Per DeadlineThe Last Police follows a small-town police detective, who, while an asteroid races toward an apocalyptic collision with Earth, believes she’s been chosen to save humanity. Meanwhile, her cynical partner can’t decide what he’ll enjoy more: her delusional failure, or the end of the world itself.

Published in 2012, The Last Policeman is one of three books in a trilogy written by Winters. The first novel, upon which Fox's pilot project is based, won the Edgar Award that same year n the category for Best Original Paperback.

Mmm, do I smell an X-Files-like aesthetic going on with The Last Police? The above description would certainly suggest as much. Are you interested in watching cops thwart an apocalyptic event? How will they succeed? You can either read the novels or wait to see if The Last Police gets picked up for a full series to find out.

Source: Deadline

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