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Neill Blomkamp & Simon Kinberg to bring Ruairi Robinson's Leviathan to life

One week ago we posted an amazing short film in our Cool Videos column , showcasing Ruairi Robinson 's The Leviathan. The short, while light on story, displayed some exceptional effects and camera work. The short followed that of slave labor hunting down a massive creature. Space whaling, if you will. Well, it looks as those we weren't the only ones impressed as visionary...
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Cool Videos: Sci-fi concept teaser for The Leviathan is absolutely stunning

Ruairi Robinson may not be a name you're familiar with, but after this video, it should be one you'll remember. The director has only one feature-film to his name (THE LAST DAYS ON MARS) but this concept trailer for THE LEVIATHAN blows most modern-day sci-fi flicks out of the water. What follows is a glimpse into the future where hard labor includes the pursuit of gargantuan creatures....
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Review: Last Days on Mars

PLOT: A group of astronauts- part of the first manned expedition to Mars- are exposed to a bacteria that turns its victims into crazed zombie-like creatures. REVIEW: Considering the pedigreed cast and the premise (zombies on Mars) it's a bit of a surprise THE LAST DAYS ON MARS isn't getting a more high profile release. Despite the (presumably) modest budget, the...
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