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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Still Alice, Mortdecai, The Cobbler

This Week: See how Julianne Moore got her Oscar in Still Alice, see Johnny Depp bottom out in Mortdecai, and see some lesbian vampires...just because. ► Ya, youíll need to clear your schedule after STILL ALICE Ė itíll take a few hours to compose yourself. In a (finally) Oscar-winning performance,...
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Review: The Cobbler

PLOT: A New York cobbler ( Adam Sandler ) discovers that the old cobbling machine stored in his basement has magic powers. If he uses the machine to repair a pair of shoes, by wearing the repaired shoes he's able to assume their identity. REVIEW: THE COBBLER was one of two Adam Sandler movies to play TIFF this year. Of the pair, it was the more low-key entry, with...
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The trailer for The Cobbler presents an Adam Sandler movie worth seeing

I don't usually do this, but I want you to read the synopsis first for THE COBBLER starring Adam Sandler , Dustin Hoffman , Clifford Smith (aka Method Man ), Ellen Barkin , Melonie Diaz , and Steve Buscemi before I say anything else about the movie. Sandler to exhibit his endearing and selfless boyish charm, taking him on a voyage of self-discovery and learning the importance of...
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New image from Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler starring Adam Sandler

The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival is warming up and the first few films in the line-up have started to share some first or new images. Earlier today you saw Arnold Schwarzenegger taking care of his Zombie daughter , now it’s time to see Adam Sandler as THE COBBLER. I swear these sound like passed over SNL sketches the more I read about them. THE COBBLER is the...
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First Look: Adam Sander in Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler

Mindless comedy after mindless comedy, fans start to wonder when Adam Sandler would get back to films like PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE and SPANGLISH. What's a comedian to do? The guy puts out movies that are the equivalent of one big fart joke, he makes them with his closest friends, and continues to get paid. Why leave that? The one promising project that Sandler has in the bag is THE COBBLER....
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Adam Sandler to take a dramatic turn in Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler

Adam Sandler has become a laughingstock but not in a good way. The buffoonish actor who started his movie career with BILLY MADISON and HAPPY GILMORE was not exactly the type of actor you would expect to make quality films. He seemed to be headed on the path of movies like, well, GROWN UPS. It was when Sandler began showing his skills with more dramatic moments in movies like THE...
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