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Antoine Fuqua will return to direct The Equalizer 2 next year

Prompted by the exceptional results from test screenings, Sony got the ball rolling on a sequel to THE EQUALIZER months before the film was even released by getting Richard Wenk working on a script. The sequel was officially announced a year later with Denzel Washington returning for what will be the first sequel of his career. While promoting the release of THE MAGNIFICENT...
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Cool Videos: Epic movie character mashup Hell's Club gets a sequel

Antonio Maria Da Silva of AMDS Films is back with another Hell's Club video! Last year Da Silva made waves with his brilliantly edited mashup short , which featured dozens of different movie characters, and Hell's Club 2: Another Night, the sequel to his viral sensation, is just as crazy and jam-packed with iconic film characters as the first installment. So who's...
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Sony announces sequel to Denzel Washington's The Equalizer

It took a bit longer than many expected, but yesterday at CinemaCon, Sony announced THE EQUALIZER 2 by revealing the planned film's logo. The studio didn't share any details (cast, release date, etc.), but Denzel Washington is expected to reprise his role as former black ops commando Robert McCall. Director Antoine Fuqua 's adaptation of the CBS crime series of the...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: The Equalizer, Tusk, Banshee

This week: Denzel Washington goes back to busting chops in The Equalizer, Kevin Smith gets long in the tooth with Tusk, and everyone dies harder in Banshee's crazy second season. ► Denzel Washington reunites with his ‘Training Day’ director Antoine Fuqua for THE EQUALIZER , playing a...
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What's New in Blu-ray and DVD releases this month? (December 2014)

This month on Blu-ray and DVD, 2014ís biggest box office success GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY hits shelves, Caesar leads the DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES , the pizza-eating reptiles return for a new generation in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES , James Dashnerís young adult dystopian tale THE MAZE RUNNER comes to life, Colin Firth and Emma Stone offer up MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT...
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Weekend Box Office Report: September 26-28, 2014

The Equalizer shoots to the top! Denzel Washington returned to theaters with a vengeance this weekend as THE EQUALIZER gunned its way to #1 at the box office with an estimated $35 million ! Based on the 80s TV series about an ex-spy turned vigilante, the R-rated action-thriller reunited Washington with his TRAINING DAY director Antoine Fuqua . THE...
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Top 10 Denzel Washington Performances (Video Edition)

THE EQUALIZER opens today and puts Denzel Washington back in an action hero role. But, like every Denzel role, this is not your standard paint by numbers thriller. Through his illustrious career, Denzel has played a wide array of characters who may seem similar on the surface until you get sucked in by their brilliance. Here are our favorite roles from Denzel Washington's career. IF your...
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Review: The Equalizer + video review!

See Chris Bumbray's Video Review below! Originally reviewed as part of's TIFF 2014 coverage. PLOT: Robert McCall ( Denzel Washington ) is an ex-special operative now leading a quiet life as the manager of a home improvement store in Boston. When he avenges the beating of a young call girl ( Chloe Moretz ) he finds himself the target of the Russian...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview:The Equalizer's Chloe Grace Moretz

Since bursting onto the scene with her instantly iconic performance as Hit-Girl in KICK-ASS, Chloe Grace Moretz has defied expectations by taking-on a wide variety of roles, proving herself equally adept at pretty much every genre there is. Whether it's an indie like LAGGIES, or a prestige international production like CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA, or a blockbuster like THE EQUALIZER (with all...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with The Equalizer's Marton Czokas

Marton Czokas is one of those actors I've always found to be really underrated. I first remember seeing him in XXX as the Bond villain-style baddie. While the movie itself hasn't aged well, Czokas was actually quite good and his performance holds up pretty well. He was also terrific in THE GREAT RAID, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, and GARAGE DAYS - another underrated flick. Lately, Czokas...
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Exclusive Interview w/ Denzel Washington & Antoine Fuqua for The Equalizer

It's not every day that you get to me one of your idols. When Sony invited me to take part in THE EQUALIZER junket, I was excited but also more than a little terrified. Denzel Washington is one of my all-time heroes, and I was very nervous about meeting him. I guess my biggest worry was that the interview wouldn't go well and that he'd think I was a tool. Lucky for me, Denzel...
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Antoine Fuqua confirms Magnificent Seven remake starring Denzel Washington

Antoine Fuqua didn't reveal any other details about the project, but in an interview with Variety the director did confirm he will be teaming up with his THE EQUALIZER star Denzel Washington for a remake of John Sturges' THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN . A remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN has been in the works for years, and the last writer to take a stab at the script for...
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