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Pop-Up Movie Facts: Unbreakable (video)

I think we all remember the day we first saw THE SIXTH SENSE. Who is this M. Night Shyamalan guy? What will he do next? Surprisingly, the answer was a superhero movie. This came at a time when multiple studios were not just pumping out comic book movies left and right. UNBREAKABLE was a head of its time. The story slowly creeps up on us like the super powers of David Dunn. Guided by the...
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Watch our Oscar "Best Picture" Retrospective for 2000 (video)

In this recurring series we take a look at the Oscar nominations of years past, examining the flicks that were nominated, as well as the pic we feel got snubbed among all the other candidates. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Oscars usually highlight the best films from each year (although there are plenty that get overlooked) and it's always fun to look back and see what was popular for any...
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Top 10 Greatest Plot Twists of All Time (Spoiler Alert)

The history of film is full of moments where audiences were completely taken aback by an abrupt or unexpected plot twist. While recent years have been unkind to the plot twist thanks to folks like M. Night Shyamalan, we all still enjoy getting the rug pulled out from under us. Some can be divisive, like IRON MAN 3, while others are executed to perfection. Here is our list of the ten best...
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Cool Videos: This supercut spoils the endings of 250 different movies

If I hear one more person bitch and moan about spoilers on movie websites, I am going to lose my shit. If you are venturing to a site you should be prepared that if you have not seen a movie, recent or older, that there is a very high likelihood that you are going to learn plot details or elements that could ruin the film. Any self-respecting movie fan knows that you take your fate in...
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Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan reteam for romantic drama Labor of Love

M. Night Shyamalan may have used up all of his get out of Movie Jail free cards with fans after making AFTER EARTH, but Hollywood is giving him another shot. To try and boost the potential for his next film, Shyamalan is going back to the beginning and getting UNBREAKABLE and THE SIXTH SENSE star Bruce Willis to appear in LABOR OF LOVE. Deadline is reporting that the screenplay for...
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Movie Jail: This week's defendant is...M. Night Shyamalan!

Welcome to Movie Jail, a facility like any other, only its inmates are Hollywood writers, directors, actors and producers. This column will serve as a Movie Jail trial. We will put one defendant on trial; lay out arguments for the Prosecution and Defense. And we leave it up to YOU, the reader, to decide whether the defendant is guilty of his or her...
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What is a spoiler? A plea from a Schmoe

THERE ARE SOME MOVIE SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE, SO READER BEWARE! Up until just a few months ago, I was a Schmoe like you. I visited JoBlo.com every day to get my dose of movie news and reviews. Sure, I had aspirations to be a writer or even a filmmaker, but reality bogged me down. All I knew was that I loved to write and I loved movies. So, when an opportunity to work for the...
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