Poll: Favorite Movie from 1999

What film released in the year 1999 was your favorite?

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This year celebrates 25 years since the final year of the 1900’s. A year that brought about such classics as The Matrix, Fight Club, American Pie, and Office Space as well as my personal favorite movie of all time: Arlington Road. The year was so successful that 20 years later it would inspire a book titled Best Movie Year Ever.

With a vast cannon of films ranging from highly anticipated block busting prequels (Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace) to that years’ eventual Best Picture winner American Beauty and a movie that changed the meaning of twist endings forever (The Sixth Sense) 1999 truly was a year for the ages.

I will be honest, after compiling last weeks list for Best Movies from 1994 and now this list, I have to say 1994 was far more deserving of its own book! But that isn’t to say that 1999 doesn’t have a number of movies that are still on constant rotation in my house.

As always, if you don’t see your favorite listed, please click the Other” button and tell us what it is in the comments.

What is your Favorite Film from 1999?

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