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Reese Witherspoon, Jena Malone and Martin Short join P.T. Anderson's Inherent Vice

Films from director Paul Thomas Anderson are known for having fantastic casts but the crew he has lined up for his latest film is just ridiculous. Deadline has learned that Reese Witherspoon has signed on to INHERENT VICE, although it is unknown at this time who she will be playing in the film. The movie is an adaptation of the Thomas Pychon novel of the same name and is about a...
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Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice to start shooting in April/May (Fingers crossed!)

There are several factors that contributed to me becoming the film geek that stands before you today. One of those being the many amazing films released in 1999. FIGHT CLUB, THE MATRIX, and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH are just three movies that make that year incredibly special. Another big one being MAGNOLIA, which I watch on a regular basis to this day. That's right Kevin Smith it is I......
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Paul Thomas Anderson updates on his adaptation of the "stoner private-eye saga" Inherent Vice

Director Paul Thomas Anderson is a somewhat elusive director when it comes to his source material.  He's been hard to nail down in terms of what he'll do next or where he'll draw the material from, which is probably more his doing than anything else.  His films have multiple meanings and are layered in such a way that it takes multiple viewings to soak it all in, much like his...
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