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Exclusive: Deleted scene from Wind River is bound to give you chills

Ugh! There's nothing like coming into contact with a clerk that's got an attitude, after you've completed a long and arduous trip to the middle of nowhere. I appreciate that some small towns live by their own set of rules, though I'm a big fan of the idea that you will catch more flies with honey rather than with vinegar. Today, we have...
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Review: Wind River

WIND RIVER was previously reviewed as part of JoBlo.com's Sundance Film Festival coverage. PLOT: A U.S Fish & Wildlife agent ( Jeremy Renner ) living on an Indian Reservation is recruited by an inexperienced FBI agent ( Elizabeth Olsen ) to help her solve a young woman’s murder. REVIEW: By now, we all know that Taylor Sheridan can write one hell of a...
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We interview Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen for Wind River!

WIND RIVER is one of the most impressive feature films you are likely to see this year. From the opening shot featuring a woman, terrrified, running in the snow, it is difficult not to be taken in by this smart feature film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan (HELL OR HIGH WATER, SICARIO). The film presents a very intense tale, one that is perfectly cast. It is terrific...
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Jeremy Renner brings the intensity in chilling new Wind River trailer

With SICARIO and HELL OR HIGH WATER, Taylor Sheridan had certainly proved that he knew his way around a script, the later even landed Sheridan a nomination for Best Original Screenplay at the 89th Academy Awards, but his latest effort will see the writer stepping into the director's chair as well. WIND RIVER, which will serve as Taylor Sheridan 's directorial debut, stars...
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Renner & Olsen team-up to solve a murder in the intense Wind River trailer

From director Taylor Sheridan (SICARIO, HELL OR HIGH WATER) comes WIND RIVER, a murder mystery thriller starring Jeremy Renner , Elizabeth Olsen , and Jon Bernthal . Written by Sheridan, produced by Peter Borg (LONE SURVIVOR, HELL OR HIGH WATER), and scored by rock n roll gods Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (HELL OR HIGH WATER, WAR MACHINE), WIND RIVER is a chilling thriller...
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2017 Sundance Wrap-Up and Top 5

And so another edition of the Sundance Film Festival is in the books. The 2017 edition marked my eighth year wandering around Park City, Utah, and it was a memorable fest, with blizzard conditions in the first week, cyber-attacks, protests and more giving this a vibe Iíve never really experienced before. Ah, but how were the movies? A mixed bag truthfully. I think the festival was...
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