31: Rob Zombie film gets a Target exclusive steelbook release

I recently rewatched all of the films directed by Rob Zombie to compile a list of the Best Scenes from each one, and after having that little marathon I can confirm that his 2016 film 31 (watch it HERE) is my least favorite of his directorial efforts. Or maybe I should say it’s my least favorite of his live-action movies, because I would still choose to watch 31 over his animated feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (watch that HERE). Regardless, if you are a fan of 31, here’s some good news: just in time for Halloween (and 31 is set on Halloween), a steelbook Blu-ray release is going to be reaching shelves in Target stores.

The release date for this Target exclusive steelbook is October 26th. You can see images of the release below and can pre-order a copy at THIS LINK. The price is $17.99.

Special features on the Blu-ray include

“In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn: The Making of 31” (A Comprehensive 2-Hour Documentary on the Making of the Film)

Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Rob Zombie

31 has the following synopsis:

From the visionary mind of Rob Zombie comes the horrific story of five carnival workers who are kidnapped on Halloween and held hostage in a large compound. At the mercy of their captors, they are forced to play a twisted game of life or death called 31. For the next 12 hours they must fight for their lives against an endless parade of homicidal maniacs.

The film stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Richard Brake, Malcolm McDowell, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Meg Foster, Kevin Jackson, Jane Carr, Judy Geeson, Pancho Moler, David Ury, Lew Temple, Torsten Voges, E.G. Daily, Michael “Red Bone” Alcott, Esperanza America, Andrea Dora, and Tracey Walter.

The artwork created for the steelbook is pretty cool:

Source: Target

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