Adam Reider goes all-in with horror film Woodland Grey!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

For those who might not know, Adam Reider an award-winning short filmmaker looking to finance his first feature called WOODLAND GREY, which has just attracted genre-legend Bill Moseley for a starring role!

Moseley would play William Spencer, a man who lives in complete solitude in a remote part of the woods until Emily (with YouTube star Nicole Arbour interested in teh role) appears, sending them both spiraling into chaos.

Reider has launched a $30,000 all or nothing crowdfunding campaign to help finance his first flick and hit 15% of its goal in less than 48hrs. Perks include a ton of cool fan stuff, a Mystery Box or the opportunity to get your picture in the film.  You can check out further details RIGHT HERE.

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A stylized horror/thriller about a middle-aged hermit who lives alone in the deep woods. He rescues and eventually befriends a young hiker only to have her make a terrifying discovery behind the man’s home which sends them both spiraling into chaos.

You can check out the film's spec/proof of concept trailer below and it's Kickstarter HERE.


YouTube star Nicole Arbour.

Source: Kickstarter

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