Angel Baby: Rebecca De Mornay, Daniel Roebuck star in Douglas Tait film

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Somehow nearly twenty years have already passed since Douglas Tait put on the Jason Voorhees costume and rose out of the water clutching Freddy Krueger's head for the final moments of Freddy vs. Jason. In that time, Tait has played a lot more monsters and madmen, appearing in the likes of Star Trek, Land of the Lost, Knights of Badassdom, Teen Wolf, Grimm, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Legacies, Hellboy, Annabelle Comes Home, and many more. Sometimes, like in Attack of the Unknown, he was able to show his own face. Now, after a couple decades in the business, Tait is set to make his feature directorial debut on the psychological thriller Angel Baby, starring Rebecca De Mornay (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Mother's Day) and genre regular Daniel Roebuck (Final Destination, The Devil's Rejects).

Isabel Cueva, Chris Browning, Dan Thiel, Whitney Anderson, and Victor Isaac round out the cast, with Cueva taking on the lead role of Val. Written by Elisa Manzini and Rebecca Stahl, the story centers on "loving wife" Val and 

her husband Justin (Thiel), who move away to a remote cabin to heal from the devastating loss of their twins and to get a fresh start. Soon she senses an evil presence. After her best friend and doctor Chloe (Anderson) comes to check on her mental health, dark secrets begin to unravel. Meanwhile, Val meets a mysterious neighbor, Frank (Browning), searching for the truth, and with the help of Maggie (De Mornay), the owner of the local bar, she gains the strength she needs to make her final decision.

Angel Baby has been financed by Fearful Pictures. The film is being produced by Cave Entertainment, with Douglas Tait and Fred Tait serving as executive producers.

Tait has worked on so many genre projects, it will be interesting to see how it goes when he's calling the shots on one. He only played Jason Voorhees a minute or so, but that's enough to earn the support of this Friday the 13th franchise fan. I will definitely be checking out Angel Baby when it's released.

Source: Deadline

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