Anthology Blood, Sweat and Terrors boasts 9 blood-soaked segments

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Blood, Sweat and Terrors

Horror magazine Rue Morgue has teamed with Unstable Ground and Indiecan Entertainment to assemble the action-horror anthology BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS, curated from the Little Terrors Short Film Festival.

Directed by Adam Mason, Adam Horton, Joe Horton, Beau Fowler, Alexandre Carriére, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Benjamin de Los Santos, Will Gilbey, Olaf Svenson, and Daniel Bernhardt and starring the likes of John Hannah, Ed Speleers, Neil Maskell, and David Leitch, the shorts that make up the anthology film are 

nine blood-soaked, ass-kicking tales of action and horror.

RLJE Films will be releasing BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS in the U.S., with Indiecan giving the film a VOD and special edition DVD release in other territories on November 6.

Rue Morgue, Unstable Ground, and Indiecan previously collaborated on the Little Terrors short collections MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT and GALAXY OF HORRORS. Justin McConnell created this series with Indiecan's Avi Federgreen.

McConnell had this to say about the project: 

I’m very happy to be able to continue to put together these anthology releases, at the pace of one per year. The goal has always been to bring the Little Terrors experience to people at home, while giving a platform to short filmmakers whose work may not be seen as widely otherwise. With this new release, those who like a lot of action mixed in with their dark genre elements should be extremely satisfied. We are already planning the fourth release to come out at some point next year, so please keep watching."

That "blood-soaked, ass-kicking tales of action and horror" line already sold me on this release. If you need a little more, the trailer and poster art can be seen below.

Source: Rue Morgue

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