The Arrow Reviews: Bates Motel Episode #6

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

EPISODE 6: The Truth. 

CHECKING IN: Shelby’s (Mike Vogel) dark little secret catches up with him while we learn a new “truth” as to Norman’s (Freddie Highmore) past.

THE ROOM: Holy meatballs Batman! Talk about a game changer! After Episode 5, I knew that things were gonna go buck-nuts at the cozy getaway that is Bates Motel, but I didn’t think it would be… well… so final in terms of the Shelby subplot. I have mixed feelings about how they went about it to be frank (or Tony, hey-ho). The manner in which the chain of events unraveled was nail biting and fairly emotionally charged to say the least. I was literally on the edge of my seat during this Episode, somewhat conflicted as to whom to root for. On one end, I dig the Bates clan, but on the other I had an affinity for the Shelby character too. Yeah I know, he had a thing for Asian sex slaves, but a man’s got to have a hobby right? Who am I to condemn the dude? All kidding aside, even with the skeleton in his closet, Shelby made for a compelling character. I believed he was genuinely in love with Norma and that he wanted to turn a new leaf. I was rooting for him to leave the bad stuff behind him and walk into the sunset with his lass. No dice!  I am in mourning…

As for the truth that was revealed at the end of the episode, well I called it in my review of Episode 4, so I can’t say it was much of a shocker for me. With that, the revelation slyly changed the dynamic at hand here. Dylan (Max Theriot) has an all new respect for Norma (Vera Farminga), they’re on the same side as of now and I anticipate that the point of focus in future episodes will be Norman’s mental “problemo” and Norma and Dylan covering up for him. Oh, and the sex trade subplot? It’s not over in my opinion, too many loose ends. I expect them to build on it further. Maybe we’ll find out more about the WHY behind Shelby’s actions! I hope so!

On a random note; I like that this show is creating its own back-story in terms of the iconic Norman Bates character, hence playing with my expectations. Actually as of this Episode, I’ve separated Bates Motel the TV show from the PSYCHO franchise. They are two different realities, kind of like parallel alternate universes. The Norman in the films had his own back-story in PSYCHO 4: THE BEGINNING (which I so need to see again). This Norma and Norman are playing their own zany ball game. I am not sure why it took me so long to make that split, but after a Walter Hill type shoot-out going down in the Psycho house in this Episode (awesome action scene by the way, had me by the couillons); they have finally become two different animals to me.

In closing, although I am saddened that the Shelby subplot is now over, I am anxious to see where the show will go next! If you think about things logically, after EVERYTHING that’s happened, Norma should pack her bags and her son (s) and get the f*ck out of dodge. I mean it’s ridiculous! They just moved there and look at all the drama they’ve been through already! Take a hint and book the hell out! But we all know that won’t happen. Yes this show can almost be called Norman’s Creek by way of Twin Peaks and I am okay with that. I am more than willing to suspend disbelief to keep having a blast with this highly entertaining, moody and incredibly well acted show every Tuesday! I’m not checking out anytime soon! Are you?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I loved how manipulative Norma got with Emma. Recognizing her need for a mother and playing on that to cover her and Norman’s ass. That was a strong moment.

Speaking of Emma, did you know the character has a blog that you can follow it HERE! She talks about her feelings as to what is happening in her life.

Hottie Bradley Martin dead or not? I said she was last time but just changed my mind. If she’s not dead, which would make sense for the show to have more juice moving forward, she will be sooner or later. What do you think?

A heads up to Mike Vogel fans. He is one of the leads in the upcoming TV Stephen King adaptation UNDER THE DOME which will premiere on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 10PM on CBS. Just an FYI.



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