Big Ass Spider director Mike Mendez to unleash Lavalantula for SyFy

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

How many of you got caught up in the web of Mike Mendez's BIG ASS SPIDER? I know I did and I got a big kick out of that fun little flick. Now The Hollywood Reporter is sharing that Mendez is moving on to an even more terrifying kind of arachnid: the LAVALANTULA – a fire-spewing, eight-legged terror that will be coming to SyFy next year.

Fire Burns…Lava Bites. And you can bet that with a cast that includes POLICE ACADEMY alumni, the film will be filled with plenty of biting humor as well.

In Lavalantua, fire-spewing eight-legged creatures erupt out of ancient volcanoes in the Santa Monica mountains and attempt to destroy Los Angeles.

Cue the washed-up '90s action hero character, played by Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Diner), determined to save the City of Angels. With the help of fellow Police Academy alumni Leslie Easterbrooks and Michael Winslow, he sets out to protect the city from the swarm of bloodthirsty spiders and avoid getting burned alive.

LAVALANTULA, which is currently in production in Los Angeles, also stars Nia Peebles and Ralph Garman (TUSK). The film is set to premiere on SyFy in the summer of 2015, so make some room SHARKNADO.

Source: THR

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