Blood Conscious: indie horror-thriller picked up by Dark Sky Films

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Dark Sky Films has recently announced that it has acquired the rights to distribute the socially-charged horror-thriller Blood Conscious! Here's the official synopsis:

A shocking tale reflecting racial and social tensions of our time, Blood Conscious centers on vacationers who turn the tables on a unhinged killer who claims to be fighting demonic forces. Kevin (Oghenero Gbaje), his older sister, Brittney (DeShawn White), and her fiancé, Tony (Lenny Thomas), set off to their parents’ lakeside cottage expecting a leisurely weekend getaway. But their holiday turns into a trip from hell as they enter a scene of mass murder, where their parents and neighbors all lie dead.

Terror strikes when the armed killer (Nick Damici) confronts them, claiming to be fighting demonic forces that have possessed them all. They pin him down and lock him up in the cellar, but soon he claims to not to be alone down there. As unexpected and traumatic events keep unfolding, Kevin, Brittney and Tony have to find a way to survive the night without turning on each other – or becoming possessed.

And here's what writer-director Timothy Covell had to say about the project:

I conceived Blood Conscious as a film that takes place the day after a slasher film. But instead of opening on the lone survivor of a campground massacre, we focus on the family who finds him, setting in motion a chain of paranoia that leads to even more bloodshed over the course of the ensuing night.

Meanwhile, the film will be coming to select theaters and VOD sometime this summer (though no exact dates at this time). But we'll definitely keep you posted, as this project sounds very promising!

Source: Dark Sky Films

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