Children of Sorrow added to After Dark Originals

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

After Dark Originals has just announced the fourth film in its second series with Jourdan McClure's CHILDREN OF SORROW. The film aims to deliver a petrifying look into a cult psyche which was written by Ryan Finnerty and stars Bill Oberst Jr and Hannah Levien.

Simon Leach is a very, very sick man. Thriving on despair, pain, and panic, he unites a group of broken and desperate people in the middle of the desert. He showers them with the love and affection they're so desperate for, but Simon has a much greater plan for his followers.

This actually sounds pretty damn cool. You really never know what you're going to get with After Dark but there's no denying that they've done some great things for the horror genre and every once in a while we get an absolute gem like FRONTIERS. McClure says, "Belongingness can be a terrifying subject, even more so when acceptance is disingenuous. Children of Sorrow is the nightmare version of that."

Below you'll find the poster for the flick with the simple tagline, "He Lied." — love it! Also, below that, we've got the After Dark Originals 2 poster which is cool as hell. Check em' out!

Source: AITH

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