Christina Ochoa takes the wheel for Syfy’s grindhouse series Blood Drive

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Christina Ochoa

Having secured Alan Ritchson as the male lead last week, the new Syfy series Blood Drive, which is said to be "a highly stylized throwback to 1970s grindhouse cinema", has now found its female lead: Christina Ochoa, who previously had a role in the El Rey series Matador and can currently be seen on the TNT show Animal Kingdom.

For Blood Drive, Ochoa will be playing Grace Argento, a "dangerous femme fatale" who partners with Ritchson's character, former cop Arthur Bailey.

Grace, who volunteered to participate in the deadly Blood Drive, an underground death race in which the cars run on human blood, needs the winnings to help her beloved sister, and she’s willing to face death on a daily basis for the mere chance of victory. When she’s forced to partner with former police officer Arthur, she’s not thrilled, to say the least. Grace may soon learn that this genuinely moral and nice guy is a determined survivor, just like she is and that she may have more in common with him than she had ever imagined.

Created by James Roland, Blood Drive is being executive produced by John Hlavin and David Straiton for Universal Cable Prods. Straiton will also be directing the pilot episode.

The first season will be 13 episodes long. The titles of nearly every episode have been revealed on IMDb (I'm doubting that the eleventh episode is called Episode XI, but who knows?), and some of them are quite interesting: 

Ep1: The F-cking Cop
Ep2: Welcome to Pixie Swallow 
Ep3: Steel City Nightfall 
Ep4: In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill 

Ep5: The F-cking Dead  

Ep6: Booby Traps  

Ep7: The Gentleman's Agreement 
Ep8: A Fistful of Blood 
Ep9: The Chopsocky Special 
Ep10: Scar Tissue 
Ep11: Episode XI 
Ep12: Faces of Blood Drive 
Ep13: Finish Line 

Christina Ochoa

Source: Deadline, IMDb

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