Christopher White and John Fallon take on action/horror The Shadowing!

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the business who works harder than John 'The Arrow' Fallon. On top of running Arrow In The Head on a daily basis (not an easy task, I tell ya!), Fallon keeps himself busy writing, producing, acting and, most recently, directing. Over the past few months we've seen his work as a writer making some noise with the release of the poster and trailer for the badass-looking AMERICAN MUSCLE, we followed along as he made his feature length directing debut with the Michael Pare-starring THE SHELTER, and yesterday brought us the DVD/Blu-ray release of the John Fallon-starring DEAD SHADOWS, which as been garnering some crazy good reviews. So it's with great excitement that we share the news that The Arrow is set to take the helm on his next directing challenge with the action/sci-fi/horror hybrid THE SHADOWING (LIKE ITS FACEBOOK PAGE HERE)!

Producer Christopher White (MTV’s hit franchise MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16, THE ABC's OF DEATH: "D Is For Dogfight” segment) and Producer/Director John Fallon (THE SHELTER) under his company Bruise Productions Inc. have teamed up to produce the action, sci-fi thriller THE SHADOWING, from a story by Fallon and written by Jason Hewlett and Fallon.

THE SHADOWING is described as 'a relentless action/ sci-fi/ horror hybrid in the vein of PREDATOR'. Sounds good to me! Got my attention.

Christopher White had this to say about the project:

“John sent me The Shadowing and it read like a really cool 80's throwback action flick. It's fast paced, violent and has enough testosterone packed action to make Schwarzenegger and Stallone giddy like a couple of gossiping school girls. It's going to be fun to make this movie with a long time friend of mine.”

John Fallon shared his thoughts on the project, stating…

“The Shadowing has been a pet project of mine for years. It has all of the elements I personally look for in terms of a good time at the movies. I am elated to have Christopher White on board. We’ve known each other for eons and I am looking forward in seeing the project through with him. And directing something completely different and more action oriented than The Shelter is very appealing to me.”

And some words from screenwriter Jason Hewlett, who shared…

“John Fallon told me about The Shadowing back in 2012, when he was a guest of honor at a genre festival I co-hosted. At the time, I thought it’d make a great movie, and I was excited when he asked me if I wanted to write it a few months later. I’m damn proud of our finished script, and I know audiences will be in for a ballsy and intense ride."

No doubt about that! I'm already stoked to see what kind of action THE SHADOWING will deliver!

Here's the synopsis:

A group of Special Forces soldiers on leave after a successful mission in Iraq head out to a cabin in the mountains with their beloved wives and their children in the name of having a good time and getting some well deserved relaxation. But as the night falls, it brings with it an unexpected and particularly strong snow storm hence forcing everyone to remain indoors. The following morning, the men wake up to find their children dead and their better halves missing, with the only clue left behind being an odd pair of footprints in the snow. Panicked, the men fall back on their military training to get them through the dire situation. They proceed to arm themselves and head out into the wilderness to find their spouses. What they will encounter will prove to be cunning, deadly and not of this world.

THE SHADOWING is presently in development. The producers are looking at cast and are in the process of securing financing. We'll keep you posted on news regarding this exciting sounding project as it comes our way! In the meantime, check out the first teaser poster for THE SHADOWING, created by Alan Robert, below.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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