Crust: Sean Whalen sock monster horror comedy acquired by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Sean Whalen’s horror comedy Crust has landed North American distribution from the newly revived Anchor Bay Entertainment

Earlier this month, we shared the news that Anchor Bay Entertainment – which used to be a major player in the horror world back in the late ’90s and early 2000s, when they gave DVD releases to films like the Evil Dead trilogy, George A. Romero’s Dead trilogy, the Sleepaway Camp franchise, The Hills Have Eyes, The Car, Maniac, Prom Night, some of the Hellraisers, Halloweens, and much more – is being revived, with their first two releases puppet horror film Abruptio and Dinner with Leatherface, a documentary that looks at the life, career, and legacy of original Leatherface actor Gunnar Hansen. Now we’ve learned that the new Anchor Bay has acquired the North American rights to the horror/comedy Crust, with the plan being to release it sometime later this year.

Crust tells the story of Vegas Winters, a depressed washed-up child actor, who fled Tinseltown and now owns and lives in a rundown laundromat. He finds lost socks in the machines and uses them to soak up all his bodily fluids. One night his tears of anguish turn the pile into a loving sock monster named Crust who becomes his protector and friend. Meanwhile he has a new girlfriend, a paranormal investigator poking around, and an old two-faced costar that is forcing him to join a reboot of their 90s sitcom. As Vegas’s life begins to spiral, Crust eliminates his enemies with deadly consequences.

Prolific character actor Sean Whalen, who may be best known for playing Roach in Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs, directed the film from a screenplay he wrote with Jim Wald. Whalen also stars in the film alongside Succession‘s Alan Ruck (who may still be best known for playing Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and genre regular Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), as well as Daniel Roebuck (Rob Zombie’s The Munsters), Rebekah Kennedy (Two Witches), Shawntay Dalon (Detroiters), Ricky Dean Logan (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare), and Daniel John Kearney (Dark Circles).

Rose and Kearney produced Crust with Chris Sergi.

Whalen had this to say about the distribution deal: “I am so excited that my directorial debut found its home at Anchor Bay. I’ve loved their films for years and they really understood my vision right away. I couldn’t ask for a better partnership.

Thomas Zambeck and Brian Katz are behind the revival of Anchor Bay. Zambeck provided the following statement: “As someone who grew up watching Sean on screen, I am thrilled to be in business with him. The fact that it’s on a witty and clever film like this – one that displays such a mastery of tone – makes it so much sweeter. I can’t wait for audiences to take this oddball journey with us and see a movie unlike anything they’ve seen before.

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