Dana Ashbrook’s Restraint poster ironically displays little

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Devilworks locks U.S. and Canadian Distribution with Breaking Glass Pictures for Adam Cushman’s psychological thriller RESTRAINT starring Dana Ashbrook (TWIN PEAKS, LATE PHASES). The film is all set to hit all U.S. VOD platforms and DVD tomorrow November 6, 2018. And today we have the film's poster and trailer for you to check out. The trailer is kinda whatever, but the film's poster just might be one for the books. 

You can check it out for yourself below, but all the same, let me explain what you are about to see. The poster features a woman screaming and – get this wild shit – a baby arm reaching out of her horrified gullet. Huh… For a movie called RESTRAINT, the poster sure doesn't show much, does it?

Waka, waka. I'm here all week, folks.

Winner for Best Director at Downtown LA Film Festival and Best Film at Rhode Island Film Festival, the film tells the story of 

A mentally unstable young woman who has submerged her violent impulses for years moves in with her new husband and his daughter. When she becomes unexpectedly pregnant, her demons emerge and as she loses control, the family is threatened by her sudden plunge into darkness.

The film also stars Caitlyn Folley (SXTAPE, OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN) and Isabella Celaya. Cushman (THE MAESTRO) also produced the film, alongside Jake Borowski (JARHEAD) and Julia Taft (MALIGNANT). Amelia Yokel (TEENAGE COCKTAIL) and C.V Herst (THE MAESTRO) executive produced. Adam Cushman’s RESTRAINT starring Dana Ashbrook hits all U.S. VOD platforms and DVD tomorrow November 6, 2018.

Now check out the crazy-ass poster below!

My reaction to that poster

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