Daniel de la Vega to helm Hammer throwback White Coffin

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Adrian Garcia Bogliano, who helmed the supernatural thriller HERE COMES THE DEVIL, has co-penned a new Argentinian horror film that is in the works with co-writer Ramiro and director Daniel de la Varga called WHITE COFFIN, according to Variety.

Scheduled for an early 2015 shoot, WHITE COFFIN is set up at De la Varga’s Buenos Aires-based shingle FuriaFilms and, according to the director, "hypothesizes around the possibility of a mother committing matricide, something that could be scarier than her own death."

De la Varga also shared some of WHITE COFFIN's influences, one of which is Spanish helmer Jaume Balaguero’s debutant pic THE NAMELESS, and it also tips its hat to horror film classics from Hammer Productions, Roger Corman movies and HOUSE OF WAX.

Sounds interesting enough, especially considering some of the atmostpheric films that are counted as inspiration, although I'd really like to know a more detailed synopsis for this one. More on WHITE COFFIN as we hear it.

Source: Variety

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