Demon Squad to take on creatures of the night in June

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Demon Squad Thomas Smith Erin Lilley

It has been nearly four years since Alabama-based production company Fighting Owl Films first caught my attention with a supernatural thriller that was then called FULL MOON INC., which was said to blend the genres of film noir, horror, and fantasy. The film has gone through two title changes since then – first it was renamed NIGHT HUNTERS, and now it has settled on DEMON SQUAD – and it won't be much longer until we'll finally have our chance to see it.

Directed by Thomas Smith from a script he wrote with Erin Lilley, DEMON SQUAD stars Khristian Fulmer, Leah Christine Johnson, and Lilley.

The synopsis: 

Nick Moon, P.I. (Paranormal Investigator), would be nursing a hangover if not for his beautiful new client: the heiress Lilah Fontaine. Instead, with the help of his office manager and empath-in-training, Daisy O’Reilly, Moon delves into a hidden world of monsters and creatures of the night as he takes on a case to retrieve an ancient artifact with astonishing power.

Wild Eye Releasing will be giving DEMON SQUAD a DVD release on June 25th, and copies can be pre-ordered on Amazon RIGHT HERE.

I've been looking forward to seeing how this movie would turn out for a long time now, so I'm glad to know it's finally going to be unleashed on the world next month.

Demon Squad

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