Don’t F*ck in the Woods 2 hits funding goal

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The last word we brought you guys on the upcoming sequel to the horror-comedy DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS was when we let you know that the film had begun casting. Today we have an update from the film’s producer that the sequel’s IndieGoGo campaign was successful!

Yes, DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS 2 has hit their $10,000 goal and the producers are now announcing new stretch goals including a bonus behind the scenes feature-length documentary. The doc will feature the making of the creatures and special effects, along with cast interviews, production stuff, facebook rants, Shawn’s hidden shower cam, and more!

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Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2 picks up on the same day the first one left off, with our lone survivor trekking through the woods looking for help. She stumbles upon a summer camp where the counselors are busy doing renovations to prepare for the new season. Soon the night falls and once again clothes and bodies hit the floor. The creatures are back. And they have some new secrets to reveal… 

DFITW2 is directed by Shawn Burkett from a script written by Shawn Burkett and Cheyenne Gordon. The film is executive produced by Chris Gierowski, Tim Fattig, Johnny Macabre and stars Brandy Mason, Brittany Blanton, Ayse Howard, Cheyenne Gordon, Roman Jossart, Tom Komisar, Kenzie Phillips, Kayla Elizabeth Greene, Mark Justice, and Mindy Robinson.

You can still contribute to the film’s IndieGoGo RIGHT HERE.

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