DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE DATES: September & October 2019!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

here we go again! Our disk release date section has been updated! SEPTEMBER has all kinds of goodies with the surprisingly solid CHILD'S PLAY remake, JOHN WICK 3, Luc Besson's ANNA and deluxe treatments of oldies like HELLRAISER, HELLRAISER 2, THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2, THE STAND, SLEEPY HOLLOW and MUCH more! OCTOBER aka Halloween Month tosses the tricks and treats our way too! Shite like the new DOOM flick, the spider horror film  ITSY BITSY, the new ANNABELLE, GREMLINS in 4K, a yummy looking TWIN PEAKS TV BOXSET and more! Click any of the covers below to see what else is being gunned your way!


 universal horror


Source: Arrow in the Head

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