Eli Roth to direct Bruce Willis in the Death Wish remake

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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The DEATH WISH remake has been having some issues. Last month, original directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (BIG BAD WOLVES) bailed on the project, leaving it rudderless… Until now. A new director has signed onto the project and it's none other than maven of bloody mayhem Eli Roth.

Roth has only recently begun working with big Hollywood stars when he cast Keanu Reeves in KNOCK KNOCK, so this must be a real kick for him. That is, if it does actually come to fruition. I won't be convinced that this movie is happening until we get a trailer. Maybe not even then.

Based on Brian Garfield's book of the same name, the original 1974 DEATH WISH goes like this:

For just a handful of money, they savagely beat Paul's wife and daughter, leaving his wife dead and his daughter comatose. Grief-stricken and forced to reevaluate his views, Benjamin becomes disillusioned with society and plots his revenge on the perpetrators, whom the police are unable to bring to justice. Armed with a revolver and total disregard for his own safety, he sets out to even the score.

The current draft of the script was written by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski. Production was rumored to begin this summer, but I feel like we're gonna need a rain check on that one.

Keanu Reeves in KNOCK KNOCK

Source: Deadline

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