Evil in the Wild West in horror western Red on Yella, Kill a Fella

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The Wild West will run red with blood in the upcoming sagebrush slasher RED ON YELLA, KILL A FELLA, the new horror western from writer/directors Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, who previously did the fact-inspired THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD and the Kim Henkel-scripted BUTCHER BOYS.

I love westerns almost as much as I love horror flicks so I'm always down for it when the two genres collide. When done right, it's a lotta fun (DEAD BIRDS and J.T. Petty's THE BURROWERS come to mind), but when it's a half-assed attempt it usually leaves me fuming (I'm looking at you GALLOWWALKERS!). Here's hoping that RED ON YELLA, KILL A FELLA can deliver.

In the autumn of 1900, outlaw Claude Barbee puts his "retirement plan" into action, attempting to lead his gang across Texas to recover a cash loot hidden after a botched railroad robbery. They soon discover they're being hunted by more than just the law – but rather a merciless, unexpected evil quite possibly greater than themselves.

The film stars Justin Meeks, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Bridger Zadina, Deon Lucas, Greg Kelly, the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE’s Edwin Neal, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2’s Bill Johnson, Sonny Carl Davis and genre icon Michael Berryman.

Fangoria landed the first poster for RED ON YELLA, KILL A FELLA, which you can check out below. Stay tuned for more on this cool-sounding flick as we hear it.

Source: Fangoria

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