AITH Hosts a Facebook Live chat with Darren Bousman to talk St. Agatha!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Ever since Darren Lynn Bousman took on the SAW franchise, I became an instant fan. The writer/director is one of the most eclectic and creative visionaries when it comes to genre. Whether it is SAW II, III and IV, MOTHER’S DAY or REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, I’m always curious to see what approach he takes. And with his latest, I was especially thrilled to see a creepy journey to an evil convent that has nothing to do with ghosts and goblins. ST. AGATHA (READ OUR REVIEW HERE) is a dark and foreboding tale of a young woman who faces something more sinister than demons while at a convent designed to help wayward girls.

In support of Mr. Bousman’s latest, we here at Arrow In The Head have an exciting announcement. TODAY on Thursday, February 7th at 12:00 PM PST, AITH will be joining this talented filmmaker for a FACEBOOK LIVE SESSION ON THE OFFICIAL AITH FB PAGE session to discuss ST. AGATHA. And since Darren has such an impressive history in film and theatre, I am looking forward to hosting the event and talking about all things genre. So this coming Thursday, please join me as we talk ST. AGATHA, perhaps SAW, and whatever other questions you may have for our special guest! Make sure you check out the AITH Facebook early to get in on the conversation!

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